Thursday, November 29, 2012

We Need YOU!

Completed Projects Recently Anointed
being shipped this week.
LSM Prayer Shawl Ministry is growing by leaps and bounds, we have a growing list of people in need of prayer, comfort, healing, and ministers to their hearts through something tangible of God's presence in their lives. We have multiple orders that are lining up for Prayer Shawls, Prayer Blankets for Men, Babies, and even Prayer Wrist Cuffs for others. We are working as fast as we can to complete these orders, but we are asking for your help.

Prayer Cloths come in various
colors, shapes and sizes
This organization and many others like it, have been established to meet very special needs for others in prayer and supplication to the Lord. We have dedicated our lives, hearts and hands to serve or God and our Community as God has commanded and called us to do, but we do not ask for any money for our Prayer Shawls. These are a gift. They are God's tangible evidence to His hurting people that He is ever so near and that He loves them. We pray over each stitch and each item so carefully, anointing them with oil and preserving their care for presentation to the recipients. While, up until now, we have been able to purchase the materials on an as needed basis, or stock up on clearance items when we find extra special deals, but because these orders are coming in so fast, our supply of material is starting to run low.

You ask us "Really, I don't knit, crochet, sew or other, how can I help you?" There are so many ways that you could help us, to help our Lord in this endeavor... We need prayer, encouragement, and the most important things right now, that you or others you know may be able to help us with...
Fleece Material for Prayer Shawls

We NEED donations, yarn, fleece material, thread, or other types of material,  Anything that you may have extra, lying around for that one project that you never got to do, something left over from an old one that is just taking up space, or you can purchase items if you so want to... Just materials for making that special prayer cloth, shawl, blanket or any other item you feel God may be able to use for this project. We need these items to be able to finish many projects already being produced, while the list is still long and there are many more items needed to be started and completed, (hopefully by year end.)

Prayer Shawl Wrist Cuffs Popular
Among the Youth
Others that want to help and have a special skill you have been hiding or not sharing with others for whatever reason, WE NEED YOUR HELP, your hands, your skill, your prayers. If you can crochet, knit, loom, or sew, we could use you if you are available and willing to spend just a little bit of time each day, a couple of hours a week, or even just spare time when you can, God don't care how much time you can give, He just wants you to give all you can for Him, for His people. We have a very long list, new requests coming in almost daily. Even if you say, I can't sew or use a hook, but I can pray, we would love for you to just come and pray over the items with us while we stitch them. As we make each item, we pray for them stitch by stitch, then once they are complete we come together in agreement, anoint the shawls, and then pray a corporate prayer over the entire supply of Prayer Shawls and Blankets. Then we will deliver or have delivered them to the recipients right away.
Prayer Shawl Wrist Cuff for Teens

Please take the time to pray and ask God how you could help or what capacity God could use you in this special ministry. You will find that God will open your heart, you will be able to see that special moment when the Holy Spirit reaches down and touches each item to be sent, or you see that smile from the recipients, their families, or even just the feeling you get from doing something special for another person who is hurting, you will begin to understand, for yourself, just why we are compelled to keep this ministry alive and well. God supplies all our needs, He always has and He always will.
Prayer Cloth

We will keep going, no matter what the outcome of this plea, it is just a matter of how many and how quickly our hurting people can be reached depends on YOU. How quickly you respond to this open request.

We have had people ask us what types of materials or yarn we use to make our prayer items, but we honestly just use what we find or what speaks to our hearts. We have so many types and brands of yarn donated, specialty yarns, worsted or wool yarns, what I call, Plain color yarns, and so much more, we use it all, from Red Heart Economy, to Busy Bee Eyelash, Ribbon, or other heavy weight yarns. It really doesn't matter what type or color it is, God can use what you give, and we appreciate what comes from your heart.

Collection of Prayer Cloths and Wrist Cuffs
Here's a materials list that may help you to know what we need for our prayer items, in need at the immediate moment.

  • Yarn - Some people wanted to know what types of yarns we use...
    • Red Heart Economy is used most for our prayer shawls and blankets
    • Lion Brand Yarn
    • Busy Bee
    • Any other Yarns are also accepted
  • Fleece - we can use fleece to make Men's lap blankets and beautiful prayer shawls
  • Cotton - softer cottons can be used for prayer shawls as well

Men's Prayer Blanket in Process
 If you can't give materials, money or even time to help, YOU can pray. We would appreciate your prayers. God loves a cheerful giver, but He LOVES to hear from His Children just as much, if not more. Please consider praying for us, that God will continue to use us in a mighty way, pray for our recipients, that He will touch their hearts, lives, bodies, and minds. Give them comfort and peace as they go through this holiday season and beyond. God knows who they are, you just pray for them, He will do the rest.

Stack of Projects in Process

Thank you in advance for your time and for your prayers in this endeavor to keep these projects moving along.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Many More to you and yours.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Prayer For Others, That's What We're About

We have had the honor and privilege of getting to meet, pray for, and learn about so many new people along the way since this aspect of our ministry began in 2008. Our Prayer Shawl Ministry has had the opportunity to reach out to people all over the country, now growing into the world, as our ministry is receiving calls from the "uttermost parts of the earth."

LSM Singers at Benefit Concert
 We had a chance this weekend to sing at a fund raising event for an 11 yr old little girl who has been sick and facing many health issues, most of her life, her family has really struggled with her medical troubles, not having adequate insurance, losing time at work because of having to care for her in and out of the hospital, and the young lady has more treatments coming up that the insurance has now refused to cover, so it was our pleasure to help with this event and to help this family see just how powerful prayer, prayed with two or more, in agreement can do for a family.

Presenting Prayer Shawl
We made a prayer shawl for this precious one, and just before the concert began, we called all the singers back into the fellowship all of this beautiful church, we explained our ministry and about the prayer shawl itself. We all grabbed on to this shawl, I anointed it with oil, and we began to pray. We prayed for the family, for the young girl, we prayed for our concert, for each group there, and for the power of healing and anointing by the Holy Spirit would come down upon this shawl and just envelop the young girl in God's love and care. It was an amazing moment of prayer, an amazing night of music, celebration of our great God, and fellowship with fellow singing groups and ministries who were sharing the love of God with all who could hear the message.

I thank God that we had this opportunity to share our ministry, to share God in a tangible way with this young lady facing a mountain of physical problems, only to see her Lord and Savior on the other side, reaching out to hold her and love her through it. Thank you God for all you do! Bless her, bless these wonderful ministries and groups that came out in support of this family, and thank you for the Holy Spirits blessing on the night, on the prayer shawl, and on this little girl. Amen.
Singing "Little Is Much" 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Care Ministries Clergy Graduation Ceremony 2012

It was our pleasure to be asked to make prayer shawls for the clergy members and instructors of Care Ministries through Saint John's Hospital. They had been training new clergy members for the Hospital and we had the honor of being able to attend and present prayer shawls to the instructors on behalf of one of the members of the graduating class.

Through the ceremony the clergy student gave a beautiful speech about what she had learned from this group, how this ministry and the instructors had taught her so much and reminded her of exactly what it means to be the hands of God in Ministry to the sick and hurting.

Each shawl was made specifically for each instructor, each color and design was chosen based on the character, testimony, and care that each one had portrayed to the students in showing God's love to all, and how important it is to bring God's Light to the world.

We then had the honor of anointing, laying hands on, and praying for each of these shawls and the instructors that received them, it was during the actual graduation ceremony and offered to allow, friends, family members and fellow pastors that had come to the ceremony for other graduates to come up and lay hands on and help us pray, in agreement for each of these members. This has been one of the most amazing and humbling experiences I have ever had in my life of Service to God. That He would chose someone like me to carry this ministry of help, healing and prayer to others, that He sees something in me to show me I am worthy of this endeavor with Him. Thank you God for your call on my life, for allowing me to be apart of such a wonderful and Spirit filled experience, and thank you for loving me.





Monday, October 8, 2012

Please Pray For...

Anointing with oil, asking the Spirit to
put a special touch and blessing on
our shawls, cloths, and blankets.
To give the recipient an anointing from God.
In moments like these, we all need to know that God is so close to us. It isn't a moment of doubt or fear, it is in those moments of overwhelming sadness, grief, and pain. It is in those moments when we feel that we want to retreat into your room, crawl under the covers and say, "I Quit, I'm done." Have you ever had those types of days?

The recipients of our prayer shawls have those days, sometimes several of them in a row, we are called on to pray for these people in their moments of need, of unrest and suffering. It is because of those moments we have a ministry at all.

We have so many calls that have come in for requests for prayer shawls, prayer cloths, and other items because they know someone who is ill, someone who is hurting, needing healing, or someone that is in the deepest grief that they don't know how to come out of, that they just need "something tangible, to know that God is so near to them..." That is how one woman described it to me last week.

Anointing Ceremony Son and Brother 
I loved it, someone finally understands the purpose for our prayer shawls. Yes, we anoint them for the person, we pray for healing, help, encouragement, and hope for the ones who will receive this cloth from us. In total reality though, we wanted these people to have something, that would be anointed with the Holy Spirit of God, something that would have a touch of Him in all they do, and when they wrap it around them, they feel His presence, they feel that tangible evidence that God is there with them, that someone is praying for them, and that there is a Savior who loves them and wants everything GOOD for them in their lives.

I felt a sense of overwhelming joy when I heard her say that to me, I choked up and couldn't speak for a moment, (big deal for me) and I thought, THANK YOU GOD!!! You are there all the time, you help others find out about us, about our heart for you, for your work. Thank you God that they have a heart to help others, to stand in the gap and to pray for them, to have a heart to want to serve and love these people to the kingdom, through their grief, hurt and pain.

Anointing Ceremony for Pastor's Wife
Please pray for these people that have come our way, pray for our ministry, that we can get these items made and to them in a timely fashion, but according to God's purpose. As you know, I cannot give you the person's name, but I can tell you what to pray for, and please call out to the Lord on their behalf. God knows who they are, and we pray that God would touch them in a special, mighty way today.

Prayer List for Prayer Shawls, Blankets and Cloths

  • Female - Just lost 30 yr old daughter to breast cancer, after both have been in remission for a while, Mother's grief so much to fathom. Please pray for her heart and mind. 
  • Female baby - Lost mother to breast cancer, may have gene for it, needs God's complete covering and protection
  • Male-Lost wife to breast cancer, now raising baby girl on his own, need encouragement, heart lifted, and strength to do this alone, even in the help of family and friends, he will face times alone, Angels to surround him and hold him up in this time of grief and loss. 
  • Female - Breast Cancer Survivor, just lost mother with Cancer herself. Pray for continued health and healing and prayer for overwhelming grief for loss of mother. 
  • Female Baby - Been in and out of Doctors and Hospitals, two months old, no one knows what is wrong or why she is ill. Anointed infant in person already, but thanking God and claiming healing on her little body.
  • Female - Ill, needs healing and encouragement
  • Male - Ill, needs healing and encouragement
  • Male Teen - parents just separated, has had cancer, Docs think it has returned, but needs prayer for healing, encouragement, and just to lift up entire family through this trial. 

God can do anything, we just have to ask. We pray in agreement for these people, pray for not only Doctors to take care of them, to know what is wrong, but PRAY FOR HEALING, RECOVERY, and PEACE. Praying through faith in agreement can move mountains and can answer all these prayer requests for these wonderful people. Some need the Lord and others just need to reconnect to their God. Please remember them on your prayer lists. thank you.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

You Trust Him with Your Life, Do You Trust Him with YOU?

Sometimes, no matter how hard we pray, we don't get the answer we are praying for in our lives. We pray and pray, but to no avail. There are times we pray and ask God for healing in our bodies. We ask God to heal us completely from the top of our heads to the soles of our feet. We want no more aches and pains here on earth, just to feel good all the time, to be able to walk, to move, to sit for longer periods of time to get more done, to be able to get out of bed and not have to hold on to everything as we walk our way through the house, just to be able to get from point A to point B.

Sometimes God does it, He will answer yes to your prayers, a big loud, resounding YES! Sometimes God just flat out tells us no, not always does He give us everything we ask for, because whatever it is, may not be in His complete will for us for whatever reason. Many times, whether the answer is yes or no, He doesn't give a reason why, He chose to answer, and it seems that telling us to wait on Him, is the hardest thing for us to hear and the waiting is the longest period of our lives.

Sometimes the Lord will come to ones, in the stillness of the moment, He wants them to know and shares with them that there is a purpose for the pain, and a reason for the trial. He also says there is a special grace that He has given to His Children to be able to manage and cope in that time of life that He has asked them to live through that burden, trial or pain. Paul asked God several times to remove the affliction from him, and God would just tell him, "My Grace is sufficient for thee." I am sure that isn't what Paul had in mind, but He was willing to keep the affliction if it was meant for gain in the kingdom of heaven.

I remember being in the middle of a healing service in a revival meeting at our Church. The pastor had everything set, a special speaker to come in and talk about healing, talk about the reasons why God answers prayers to some as a  resounding, "YES" and then to others, He chooses to say, "NO." Then he told us that sometimes God doesn't answer Yes or No when asked to heal someone right away, sometimes God will say, "just a little while longer, but not yet."

In all the nights he had been speaking, why did he say that tonight? The last night of the revival, he chose to say those words. I couldn't figure it why, he hadn't said that in any other message the entire week. It was the night I finally decided to go forward for anointing and prayer for healing. I thought, it is weird that you would say something like that the last night of the revival.

Then just as I was getting up to step out in the aisle, I heard it... The same still, small voice I heard the day God called me to preach... Just as audible as my husband and I having a conversation, I heard it. "Not now, Janet. You have work to do, and I have a greater purpose for your pain. I need you to wait, I need you to be patient for your healing, I need you to trust in me. I need you to know and understand that I have a greater plan and purpose for all that you are going through. My Child, I love you and hate to see you hurting and suffering, but I promise you, when your healing comes, you are going to be able to see all that was accomplished through your struggles." 

Not really what you want to hear from your own God. The one who is supposed to be answering every prayer we ask in Jesus' name. He knew that if I had asked Him for healing at that moment, in the name of Jesus, He would have had to grant it, but God had a greater purpose for me beyond all I could see for myself. So He stopped me dead in my tracks, before I could leave my seat.

I was shocked, I was heart broken, and I couldn't believe He would ask so much of me, knowing the outcome of my distress and knowing the longer I wait, the worse it was going to be. How could He call me to preach, to sing the gospel of Christ, and how could He ask someone He has walked with for this whole time, to sit down by the sidelines and take one for the team...?

I wondered that for quite a while. I sat there, tear filled eyes, thinking about what this meant to me, how much my healing meant to me, to my body, I remember thinking, "Do you know how bad I want to be able to hold my children, let them sit on my lap and to cuddle with them when they want me to? Do you know how bad I want to be able to stand and preach the gospel, to sing your praises and songs to you without wearing out, collapsing after the services? Do you really know what you are asking me to give up for you, right now? God,are you sure it is me that you are talking to? What good would come from this obedience, that wouldn't come from me being healed."  Then He said to me, "I know this is hard for you to understand, and I know how badly you want to hold your children while they are still young, but please know the blessings you are going to receive from your obedience and patience in this time of pain, hurt, and trial is going to be beyond all you could ever imagine."

As the time passed through the altercall. I sat there, sobbing, watching others, one right after another having hands laid on them, watched them be anointed, watched some of them walk away rather than limping, and others standing in the gap for someone else. I couldn't imagine what was happening, why I was being asked to do this great thing for God. "Why me, who am I?" Then my heart stirred within me, all the hopes and thoughts I had inside of me, all the plans and dreams, and every "I'm sorry, I can't hold you right now, because mommy hurts," was flowing through my mind. I knew I loved God and that I trusted Him for everything in my life, but this was a part of my life, I never thought would ever have to be totally put into His hands, so I was wondering if I really could, trust Him with my healing, with my body, and with my broken heart. I remember asking, over and over, "Why me God, Why me? Who am I? Why is my pain, my burden of hurt and suffering so important to you, to your cause? WHY! WHY! WHY!"

Then in a still, small voice, with a touch, warm and tender, felt Him lifting me up, to Him, and heard Him say, "My sweet, sweet child, I would never ask you to do more than I thought you could handle for my kingdom. I know your suffering, I know your pain. I know the children I entrusted you with need your hand to hold and your arms around them, but as great as this request is that I am asking of you, the greater it means to me that you would consider following my will. Thank you for letting me hold your heart and health in my own hands, I promise, My Grace is sufficient for you, and the healing you will have, at yet another time, will be better and greater than you or anyone could ever imagine. I love you, my child, I know what I am asking you is hard for you to do, because of the expense at this time of your life, but it is for a greater good, than you will ever know or understand here on this earth, and it will have the greatest impact for my kingdom."

I dried my tears, told my Lord, "As you request, I will do for you." I surrendered to Him right then and there, with a part of my life, my body, and the deepest part of my soul, my trust and love that I ever thought possible.

I look back sometimes on my worst days, and think, "Okay God, what would have happened if I hadn't agreed to give you all of what you had asked me to do? Would I have been healed?" I dare not dwell on that answer, because then I think, "at what expense to me, to the kingdom of God?" I know that it would have affected our relationship forever more to come, it would have hurt me more to know that I hadn't trusted my God with every part of me, and I know that the affects of my mistrust would have kept me at a distance from my Lord. Not because He would have distanced Himself from me, but because I would have been to ashamed by not trusting in what He could do for me, that I wouldn't let myself get close to Him, anymore, at least for a while.

Do I know yet why He asked me to give up my healing for the time? Do I have all the answers to this mystery It was for me, for my own life that He asked me to do this, to show me how much I was willing to give up for my Lord. For the advancement of His kingdom. Have I paid a price for what I agreed to that day? No not at all! I have had some good days and some bad days, but for the most part, God has never failed me, never. I have had more energy, more good days on the most important days I needed them, I have felt His presence beside me, through everyday knowing that my obedience and surrender has brought us to a new level of intimacy than I ever thought possible. I had struggled so long with how a real relationship with God would really feel, now I know, and I will never regret my decision. I wouldn't take nothing for this journey that I have had with my Lord, because it gets sweeter and sweeter every day. And knowing that I will one day have complete healing, through all the troubles and trials, it is worth everything I have suffered and endured here on this earth and through this time of my life.

In my own life, I had to face the fact that choosing to be obedient to God in this moment of personal request and total submission, but I also know that I am human, have a freewill, and could have rejected His request for waiting for going forward to be healed. Where do you think you are willing to stand in this moment of life? Do you think you could have sat by and watched the alter call happen for others and not be one inline for the response? Does this make me any better than anyone else because I obeyed God and put my trust in Him that day, when others would have done something else? No, not at all, God asks each of us for something, He wants to see your faith in Him and that you trust Him to give your all to Him, and for each of us it is different, it is never the same for All.

Are you willing to give God that one thing in your life? That thing that He is asking for you to let go of and let Him have His will and way in your life, that thing that if you let go, you are telling God, I TRUST YOU WITH ALL THAT IS IN ME... What is He asking you for today? Are you willing to give it to Him, are you willing to say, "Not my will, but thine be done?" I pray today that you will seek that one thing that will break your heart, that will bring you to that place of total and utter surrender and obedience to God. I pray that God will use you in a mighty way, but that you will take the time to give God your all, to give God that part of you that you have hidden from everyone who you have been hiding your strength and weaknesses to, and let God have His way in your life. I pray you will follow Him, in all you do, AMEN!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Are You Willing to Serve? No Matter What?

I hear so many people say, "I know that it will be taken care of or I will be healed, I have faith that it will happen." Then I see them later, saying things like, "I had faith, but then I didn't get healed when I asked so I don't know why God didn't answer my prayer." "Why didn't God do what He says He's gonna do, why didn't He take care of what I asked Him, I asked in faith."

Well, first thing, He always hears our prayers, He always answers them too. The thing is, God doesn't always answer our prayers, heals us, or takes care of our problems in our time, everything happens in His time. It is by our faith that we can come boldly to Him and ask for what we have to ask for, but it is by our Belief in God, and our Continued faith in Him that keeps us walking with Him, even when our prayers aren't answered right away. Sometimes His answer is "Yes, your healing is here." Sometimes our answer is, "My Grace is sufficient for thee, I am not ready to heal you yet, there is a reason for your suffering, but I will heal you when the time is ready, it is just not right now." Then again, other times, He can give either complete, perfect healing and take someone home with Him, for no further suffering on this earth, or He can choose to say, "No, I am not going to heal you, there is a reason, but it isn't for your to know or understand why, but your suffering is for a greater purpose." 

It takes faith to be healed, but it takes even greater faith to say, "Lord, I love you, I will serve you, and NO MATTER WHAT, I will serve you always, no matter what the outcome is for me, whether I live in complete healing here on earth or have to wait until heaven, I will serve you." That is one of the hardest prayers to pray, you see, God just wants you to not only speak in faith, but to submit to whatever His will is for your life. Whether it is what you want in your life, or not.

We need to remember that the Lord asks us has His child, that sometimes we are asked to work for Him, as a minister, or servant of Christ, but also that sometimes we have to suffer for a greater outcome. In Romans 8:28, it says, "All things work together for good, to them who love God, to them who are called according to His purpose."

Not that it is all things work together for our good, but for the GOOD of God's whole purpose and will, for all of us, for His Church, for the Body of Christ. The thing is, the apostles of Old, knew just that, that none of their work, trials, suffering, or even the glory was not for them at all, everything they did, they did COMPLETELY for the Glory of God and His purpose for the Church.

Paul wrote in Phil 4:10-13, "But I rejoiced in the Lord greatly, that now at the last your care of me hath flourished again' wherein ye ere also careful, but ye lacked opportunity. Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am in, therewith be content. I know both how to be abased and I know how to abound: everywhere and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." 

You see, Paul knew, it didn't matter who took care of him here on earth, if he had all his needs met here on earth, he was willing to abase, which is to be hungry, to suffer, hurt, be jailed, be ill, and more, but he had also learned to abound, which means to be full, to be healed, to have rest, happiness, joy, a place to sleep too.. But all of this would be through Christ who gave him strength to make it through whatever trial or glory he went through, it was all up to God... He was going to serve God NO MATTER WHAT. He had enough faith to know, God would answer his prayers, not only, when God chose to answer them, but also, how God chooses to answer them, according to God's will, NOT Paul's will.

Are you willing to let go and let God rule your life? Are you willing to have the greatest of faith as the apostles and say, "In whatever state I am in, I will be content." as Paul and other apostles said? Are you willing to set aside your personal anxiety and impatience for not hearing from God, and just serve Him according to His time and will?

As for me and my family, I know WE WILL. Our faith is strong enough to know, that God will bring everything we go through, every trial, every hungry night, every night of pain, suffering, and even the nights of utter happiness and sheer joy, that we have went through and will go through, we will continue to face our lives in Christ with all faith saying, "I will, WE WILL, serve God no matter what..." 

Will you?

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Great Faith Because They Knew Him!

"...And when they were come out of the ship, straightway they knew Him, and they ran through that whole region round about and began to carry about in beds those that were sick, where they heard He was. And whithersoever He entered into villages, or cities, or country, they laid the sick in the streets, and besought Him that they might touch if it were but the border of His garment: and as many as touched Him were made whole." Mark 6:53-56

As soon as they saw Christ coming out of the boat, it said, THEY KNEW HIM. they knew who He was and what He had done for others, and they took off running, from city, to town, to countryside, to village, to the entire region, like our old town criers, "2pm and all's well!!!" Instead these messengers were saying, "ATTENTION!!! ATTENTION!!! it is HIM, it is the Messiah, It is Jesus, HE IS HERE, He's coming, He's coming!!!"

Wow, what amazing belief they had, what strong faith these people in Genesaret had, to just pull their sick and feeble out into the streets, to just lay them there, waiting for Christ to walk by. To just know that you Know, that you KNOW, that this anointed one walking through your streets and towns is the Christ, to know that all they have to do is just REACH OUT to Him as He walked by.

I remember a song my mom used to sing in church when I was a child, it is one of my favorite ones she used to sing, I haven't heard it in years, but it went like this..."Reach out, and touch the Lord as He walks by. You'll find He's not to busy, to answer your cry. Well, He's passing by, this moment, your needs to supply. Just reach out and touch the Lord, as He walks by."

That is all you have to do. The faith these people had in a man that they didn't even know yet, they didn't really understand who or why He was there, how He could do what He did, but they knew He just did it, and IT WORKED. We have been the lucky ones, we have so many testimonials, proven stories and witnesses of His healing hand, we can see, touch, and know these people that we have seen healed by the Hand of God, unlike the people in His days here on earth. Yes, there was a few testimonies at this time, there were friends of a friend that may have been healed, changed, delivered, but they hadn't a chance yet to see first hand. There were no scriptures and Bibles in the households that told of His mighty, wondrous works, and the clouds of witnesses that surrounded them, like they do for us today. They just had what was happening to others around the area, around Jerusalem, and all of Israel, but it took real faith to believe this man, this one that was walking through had the Power to Save their family and friends' bodies from illness, from pain, and deliver them from Satan's strongholds.

Do you have that kind of faith? Can you just reach out and call on Him, trusting in the fact that He can heal, and save to the uttermost, all you have to do is just say, "Lord, I need you now." Will you call on Him today?

Here is a simple prayer of healing and/or blessing, you can pray today...
"Dear Heavenly Father, I call on you in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, you said that "whosoever" asks anything in His name, you will do for them. Lord, I you know the hurt, pain, or ______________ (you put your need here) that I am in, Please Lord, I ask you today, if it be your will, please touch me, touch my heart, my mind, my body, my soul, heal me, bless me, and/or just fulfill the need I have called on you about today. I know you are the God of all Gods, the Healer, the one who Restores all, and I pray today that you will touch my life, give me the thing that I ask for today, _____________________, (name this thing). In Jesus, Your Son's name, AMEN." 

Maybe you need more than healing, maybe you feel like there is something more missing in your life, maybe when you hear or read something that talks about "Repenting" or "Salvation," you hear that still small voice talking to you, you feel that pulling or prodding down somewhere inside your soul, telling you to listen, showing you that you have a need for salvation. Sometimes we know it, but we keep saying, "I have time, let me get things out of the way first, let me have my fun before I commit to something as big as giving my entire life away." You never know when it is going to be too late. 

You may walk out of your home and before you get to your car for work, you are gone, and you never told Christ you needed Him to save your soul from Hell, so you could live eternally in Heaven with Him. A Place where you will never get ill, never have pain, and NEVER grow old. The Bible says, "Now is the accepted time of Salvation." and "Its appointed unto man, once to die, after this, the judgment." Do you want to miss out? You never know, no one knows when their time will come, the Bible says, "No one knows the day or the hour when the Lord will come back, Only GOD knows that answer." The point of whether you need salvation or not is between you and God, not for me or anyone else to decide, but He did make a way for you if you haven't already accepted Him as your Savior.

He tells us, "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead, thou shalt be saved." Romans 10:9, and He says, "For the scripture saith, Whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord, shall be saved." Romans 10:13. The bible says that Christ came into the world to preach, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is At Hand." Matthew 4:17. Are you ready to repent, change your heart, mind, and truly give Him all of you? He wants to give you, All of Him. He did that already, At Calvary, He "gave His Only Begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in Him, should not perish, but have everlasting life." John 3:16

If you know you have a need for a Savior, I invite you to join me today, in a prayer of Salvation...

"Dear Jesus, I call on you today and accept you, as my personal Savior and I know I am a sinner, I ask you now to please forgive me of my sin. I believe, you, Jesus are the Son of God. I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sin and rose again on the third day. I know you are alive and in Heaven. and accept you as my personal Savior. I invite you today to come, live in my heart, mind and soul, today. In Jesus name. Amen."

If you prayed this prayer of healing, according to His will, He has heard you and will do what you ask.  If you prayed the prayer of Salvation, and believe in your heart that you meant your prayer with all your heart, if you believe in faith and you repented of your sins, you are now a new creation, a Child of the Most High God, and we are so happy that you made this decision today to call on the Lord to be your Savior and save you from Hell. 

Please email us and let us know you made this decision, we want to pray with you, for healing, in agreement or if you prayed for Salvation, we want to welcome you into the Family of God and send you a New Christian Package, it has some information for you as a new Christian. 

There may be questions or things you need to know, resources and helps that can answer any questions you may have about, "So, I prayed this Prayer, What does that "really" mean?" We want to help answer any questions you may have and let you know, you are never alone. God has given you a place of Honor In His Kingdom, and we are here for you anytime you have a question or need assistance. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Now Faith or Plan "B"

"Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen." Hebrews 11:1

In our own little world we think we have faith. We talk about faith, we talk about having it and believing that God is going to come through. We say things like, "I know God will take care of it, I prayed and asked Him, so I know it will be done..." Then in our heart of hearts we say to ourselves, "I hope so, I think so, well, maybe He will this time, but what if He don't, I better get ready for "PLAN B", and then if that don't work, well I just don't know what I am going to do..."

Don't sit there all smug, saying " I have never done that before, when I say I believe in God's power, I mean it, I NEVER take matters into my own hand." Right... then you are the most perfect, HUMAN BEING ON EARTH. Everyone of us are human, we have doubts, we have fears, God knew this, He gave us free will, to allow yourself the ability to trust in God with all your heart, but also with the choice to not trust, to get impatient and attempt to do things on  your own, in your own power. It seems we have BIG FAITH, when others are around, when you want to look so holy and righteous. We go to the altar and pray, ask God to take things off our plate, to take a burden and carry it on His shoulders, but you only mean for a little while, until you get tired of waiting on HIS time. Then you take it back, some pick it right back up at the altar and take it home with them again. Our faith is just not that strong, all the time.

I was thinking about the woman with the issue of blood, in Mark 5:25-34. She was so amazing. She had this blood disease for 12 years, she had seen all the doctors, she had spent her money trying remedies, treatments, but couldn't find a cure. This is the part I like so much... She said to HERSELF, "If I could just touch, but just the hem, just a piece of His garment, I KNOW, I will be made whole." She didn't have to talk to Jesus, she didn't have to beg for healing, she didn't even have to look AT Him. She knew the Power of Christ was so amazingly strong and His anointing came from God, Himself, that her belief in this God and His Son, would heal her, if she could just reach out and touch the Lord, as He walked by.

The power wasn't in the hem of His garment. It wasn't in her ability to push through the crowd to touch Jesus garment. He told her when He found out who touched Him, go, YOUR FAITH has MADE YOU WHOLE. You see she had such amazing faith in the Christ she had heard of, that she knew, I just need to reach out to Him. Even though He may not have "time" for me, just to reach out and touch His garment will be enough. What faith. What wonderful, marvelous faith!

You see, "Now FAITH, it is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things not seen." The substance of what was hoped for, was her healing, she had hoped for her healing, the evidence of things not seen, was just to reach out and touch the garment would be the catalyst for Christ to heal her body. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that if she could reach out and touch, she would be healed. Not proclaim her healing, not beg, borrow, and steal, not plan ahead incase it didn't work, THERE IS NO PLAN B, with God. If you ask for healing, and you believe with all your might that in having faith in the God of All Gods that He would hear your prayer and heal your body, HE WILL DO IT.

As a child of God, you are complete in Him, Col 2:10, so your healing is there, it is waiting in the wings, waiting on your prayer, your faith, and for you to reach out and touch it. Will you? Call on the Lord, let it all go, He will do what He promises, just quit claiming your faith, then doubting the God of that faith. Give it to God, and let it go.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Come Unto Me... Ms. Bertha's Story

"Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me: for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest in your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." Matthew 11:28-30

Sometimes we feel that we just can't go on anymore. We struggle with our health, our finances, our children and relationships in our families and we just don't see the light of day. God wants you to see, there is nothing in this life that you have to face alone. He is there for you, He loves you, and wants so much more for you that He has offered to take your burdens from you.

We say we want our burdens lifted, sometimes we go to the alter at church, or kneel and pray at our family alter at home, and say God take these burdens away, God I can't do this anymore, I am just going to lay this down and let you have it, I know you can. Then we get back up and take it with us when we go. Some ask, "how do I do that?" Well, you dwell on it after you have told God to keep it. You keep talking about it, claiming that it is still a burden, rather than claim the promises of God for deliverance. Rather than giving it to God then sharing with others what He is doing in your life to help you through, you tell everyone more and more about this burden in your life, and how you are waiting on God to take it from you. He had it when you asked Him to take it, but you took it back from Him.

You see, God says our tongue is a mighty weapon. We have the power to curse or bless, life and death is in the power of the tongue, when we say, "take it Lord" He takes it because you asked Him too. But when you begin to talk about how it is still weighing you down, He has to keep fighting with your own spirit who won't let it go, and He won't play tug of war, He will just wait for you to LET IT GO.

Two weeks ago, we had a woman who had called to ask for a prayer shawl, she needed healing, she woke up one morning with her face twisted, impaired speech from the face being so twisted up, she could barely talk to me. She said, "I woke up this way, and I am claiming my healing through the power of God's healing RIGHT NOW!" So I prayed with her immediately on the phone and told her I would send a prayer shawl as soon as I could get it made. Here's the thing, BEFORE I could get the shawl finished, she called, speech as clear as anything, shouting, laughing and rejoicing to God, she said, "The doctors told me I would be okay, but it would take nine to 10 months for my face to return to normal, and I woke up today with my face just as normal and straight as it was the day before I called you two weeks ago!"

Amen! The power of prayer, all she did was claim her healing, laid her burden at the feet of Jesus, and left it there for Him to deal with for her. She didn't keep picking it up, telling God, "why aren't you doing something?" She just said, God can do anything, anytime, He doesn't have to wait 9 months. While she was home claiming healing, we were praying for her through the waiting period, before and while making her shawl, and she received her healing while we were all claiming and thanking God for her healing, not questioning why... It is finished, she is healed and God is the healer of all Ills, giver of LIFE, and God of ALL! To God be the Glory!!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome to Our New Home!

To all who know anything about Living Sacrifice Ministries, welcome to our new home for our Prayer Shawl Ministry. To those of you who have never heard of us, don't know anything about our ministry or about prayer shawls, or have heard some, but want to know more... WELCOME!!!

I am so excited about this aspect of our ministry. We do have so many other projects, programs, and aspects of outreach ministries that God has laid on our hearts, but this part of our ministry I enjoy so much. I get to know so many people that I haven't ever known before, some I never get to meet, but get to know through incredible family members who reach out to us by faith, asking for prayer and healing, encouragement, or just a prayer shawl, blanket, cloth, or other item for someone, just to let them know others are thinking about them.

God has been so good, and this branch of our ministry is growing by leaps and bounds. We receive calls, messages on facebook, notes in church, and sometimes someone just stops us out on the street for help, prayer or a cloth. We have reached a day where I have more orders than I do hands, and I can't do anything more than smile, praise the LORD for the next one I have to make, and pray that God will give me the strength, endurance, and ability to make each shawl, blanket, or other items with as much care, prayerful handiwork, and guidance from Him as I can get. I am so blessed that people have entrusted their prayer requests and their deepest needs with us, heart to heart. It has encouraged me in my heart and spirit to know that I am given such a precious gift as their love and trust in what God has put in my heart to do.

I am creating RIGHT NOW, pages and postings to tell you more about our ministry, more about the items we make, why we make them, who they are for, and how to contact us for prayer, a shawl/blanket, or to find out how to volunteer to help make items for others. God is so in this ministry, and I want to be able to share these blessings and this ministry with all who enter here.

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, and know, God supplies all our needs, gives us most of our wants, and fulfills our deepest desires of our hearts, when we are walking in Faith through the Spirit of God in us. I am blessed you have come our way, and I hope you enjoy our stories, pictures, and lives as we share them with you and show you what God CAN DO!