Thursday, November 29, 2012

We Need YOU!

Completed Projects Recently Anointed
being shipped this week.
LSM Prayer Shawl Ministry is growing by leaps and bounds, we have a growing list of people in need of prayer, comfort, healing, and ministers to their hearts through something tangible of God's presence in their lives. We have multiple orders that are lining up for Prayer Shawls, Prayer Blankets for Men, Babies, and even Prayer Wrist Cuffs for others. We are working as fast as we can to complete these orders, but we are asking for your help.

Prayer Cloths come in various
colors, shapes and sizes
This organization and many others like it, have been established to meet very special needs for others in prayer and supplication to the Lord. We have dedicated our lives, hearts and hands to serve or God and our Community as God has commanded and called us to do, but we do not ask for any money for our Prayer Shawls. These are a gift. They are God's tangible evidence to His hurting people that He is ever so near and that He loves them. We pray over each stitch and each item so carefully, anointing them with oil and preserving their care for presentation to the recipients. While, up until now, we have been able to purchase the materials on an as needed basis, or stock up on clearance items when we find extra special deals, but because these orders are coming in so fast, our supply of material is starting to run low.

You ask us "Really, I don't knit, crochet, sew or other, how can I help you?" There are so many ways that you could help us, to help our Lord in this endeavor... We need prayer, encouragement, and the most important things right now, that you or others you know may be able to help us with...
Fleece Material for Prayer Shawls

We NEED donations, yarn, fleece material, thread, or other types of material,  Anything that you may have extra, lying around for that one project that you never got to do, something left over from an old one that is just taking up space, or you can purchase items if you so want to... Just materials for making that special prayer cloth, shawl, blanket or any other item you feel God may be able to use for this project. We need these items to be able to finish many projects already being produced, while the list is still long and there are many more items needed to be started and completed, (hopefully by year end.)

Prayer Shawl Wrist Cuffs Popular
Among the Youth
Others that want to help and have a special skill you have been hiding or not sharing with others for whatever reason, WE NEED YOUR HELP, your hands, your skill, your prayers. If you can crochet, knit, loom, or sew, we could use you if you are available and willing to spend just a little bit of time each day, a couple of hours a week, or even just spare time when you can, God don't care how much time you can give, He just wants you to give all you can for Him, for His people. We have a very long list, new requests coming in almost daily. Even if you say, I can't sew or use a hook, but I can pray, we would love for you to just come and pray over the items with us while we stitch them. As we make each item, we pray for them stitch by stitch, then once they are complete we come together in agreement, anoint the shawls, and then pray a corporate prayer over the entire supply of Prayer Shawls and Blankets. Then we will deliver or have delivered them to the recipients right away.
Prayer Shawl Wrist Cuff for Teens

Please take the time to pray and ask God how you could help or what capacity God could use you in this special ministry. You will find that God will open your heart, you will be able to see that special moment when the Holy Spirit reaches down and touches each item to be sent, or you see that smile from the recipients, their families, or even just the feeling you get from doing something special for another person who is hurting, you will begin to understand, for yourself, just why we are compelled to keep this ministry alive and well. God supplies all our needs, He always has and He always will.
Prayer Cloth

We will keep going, no matter what the outcome of this plea, it is just a matter of how many and how quickly our hurting people can be reached depends on YOU. How quickly you respond to this open request.

We have had people ask us what types of materials or yarn we use to make our prayer items, but we honestly just use what we find or what speaks to our hearts. We have so many types and brands of yarn donated, specialty yarns, worsted or wool yarns, what I call, Plain color yarns, and so much more, we use it all, from Red Heart Economy, to Busy Bee Eyelash, Ribbon, or other heavy weight yarns. It really doesn't matter what type or color it is, God can use what you give, and we appreciate what comes from your heart.

Collection of Prayer Cloths and Wrist Cuffs
Here's a materials list that may help you to know what we need for our prayer items, in need at the immediate moment.

  • Yarn - Some people wanted to know what types of yarns we use...
    • Red Heart Economy is used most for our prayer shawls and blankets
    • Lion Brand Yarn
    • Busy Bee
    • Any other Yarns are also accepted
  • Fleece - we can use fleece to make Men's lap blankets and beautiful prayer shawls
  • Cotton - softer cottons can be used for prayer shawls as well

Men's Prayer Blanket in Process
 If you can't give materials, money or even time to help, YOU can pray. We would appreciate your prayers. God loves a cheerful giver, but He LOVES to hear from His Children just as much, if not more. Please consider praying for us, that God will continue to use us in a mighty way, pray for our recipients, that He will touch their hearts, lives, bodies, and minds. Give them comfort and peace as they go through this holiday season and beyond. God knows who they are, you just pray for them, He will do the rest.

Stack of Projects in Process

Thank you in advance for your time and for your prayers in this endeavor to keep these projects moving along.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Many More to you and yours.