Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Care Ministries Clergy Graduation Ceremony 2012

It was our pleasure to be asked to make prayer shawls for the clergy members and instructors of Care Ministries through Saint John's Hospital. They had been training new clergy members for the Hospital and we had the honor of being able to attend and present prayer shawls to the instructors on behalf of one of the members of the graduating class.

Through the ceremony the clergy student gave a beautiful speech about what she had learned from this group, how this ministry and the instructors had taught her so much and reminded her of exactly what it means to be the hands of God in Ministry to the sick and hurting.

Each shawl was made specifically for each instructor, each color and design was chosen based on the character, testimony, and care that each one had portrayed to the students in showing God's love to all, and how important it is to bring God's Light to the world.

We then had the honor of anointing, laying hands on, and praying for each of these shawls and the instructors that received them, it was during the actual graduation ceremony and offered to allow, friends, family members and fellow pastors that had come to the ceremony for other graduates to come up and lay hands on and help us pray, in agreement for each of these members. This has been one of the most amazing and humbling experiences I have ever had in my life of Service to God. That He would chose someone like me to carry this ministry of help, healing and prayer to others, that He sees something in me to show me I am worthy of this endeavor with Him. Thank you God for your call on my life, for allowing me to be apart of such a wonderful and Spirit filled experience, and thank you for loving me.





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