Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Prayer For Others, That's What We're About

We have had the honor and privilege of getting to meet, pray for, and learn about so many new people along the way since this aspect of our ministry began in 2008. Our Prayer Shawl Ministry has had the opportunity to reach out to people all over the country, now growing into the world, as our ministry is receiving calls from the "uttermost parts of the earth."

LSM Singers at Benefit Concert
 We had a chance this weekend to sing at a fund raising event for an 11 yr old little girl who has been sick and facing many health issues, most of her life, her family has really struggled with her medical troubles, not having adequate insurance, losing time at work because of having to care for her in and out of the hospital, and the young lady has more treatments coming up that the insurance has now refused to cover, so it was our pleasure to help with this event and to help this family see just how powerful prayer, prayed with two or more, in agreement can do for a family.

Presenting Prayer Shawl
We made a prayer shawl for this precious one, and just before the concert began, we called all the singers back into the fellowship all of this beautiful church, we explained our ministry and about the prayer shawl itself. We all grabbed on to this shawl, I anointed it with oil, and we began to pray. We prayed for the family, for the young girl, we prayed for our concert, for each group there, and for the power of healing and anointing by the Holy Spirit would come down upon this shawl and just envelop the young girl in God's love and care. It was an amazing moment of prayer, an amazing night of music, celebration of our great God, and fellowship with fellow singing groups and ministries who were sharing the love of God with all who could hear the message.

I thank God that we had this opportunity to share our ministry, to share God in a tangible way with this young lady facing a mountain of physical problems, only to see her Lord and Savior on the other side, reaching out to hold her and love her through it. Thank you God for all you do! Bless her, bless these wonderful ministries and groups that came out in support of this family, and thank you for the Holy Spirits blessing on the night, on the prayer shawl, and on this little girl. Amen.
Singing "Little Is Much" 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Care Ministries Clergy Graduation Ceremony 2012

It was our pleasure to be asked to make prayer shawls for the clergy members and instructors of Care Ministries through Saint John's Hospital. They had been training new clergy members for the Hospital and we had the honor of being able to attend and present prayer shawls to the instructors on behalf of one of the members of the graduating class.

Through the ceremony the clergy student gave a beautiful speech about what she had learned from this group, how this ministry and the instructors had taught her so much and reminded her of exactly what it means to be the hands of God in Ministry to the sick and hurting.

Each shawl was made specifically for each instructor, each color and design was chosen based on the character, testimony, and care that each one had portrayed to the students in showing God's love to all, and how important it is to bring God's Light to the world.

We then had the honor of anointing, laying hands on, and praying for each of these shawls and the instructors that received them, it was during the actual graduation ceremony and offered to allow, friends, family members and fellow pastors that had come to the ceremony for other graduates to come up and lay hands on and help us pray, in agreement for each of these members. This has been one of the most amazing and humbling experiences I have ever had in my life of Service to God. That He would chose someone like me to carry this ministry of help, healing and prayer to others, that He sees something in me to show me I am worthy of this endeavor with Him. Thank you God for your call on my life, for allowing me to be apart of such a wonderful and Spirit filled experience, and thank you for loving me.





Monday, October 8, 2012

Please Pray For...

Anointing with oil, asking the Spirit to
put a special touch and blessing on
our shawls, cloths, and blankets.
To give the recipient an anointing from God.
In moments like these, we all need to know that God is so close to us. It isn't a moment of doubt or fear, it is in those moments of overwhelming sadness, grief, and pain. It is in those moments when we feel that we want to retreat into your room, crawl under the covers and say, "I Quit, I'm done." Have you ever had those types of days?

The recipients of our prayer shawls have those days, sometimes several of them in a row, we are called on to pray for these people in their moments of need, of unrest and suffering. It is because of those moments we have a ministry at all.

We have so many calls that have come in for requests for prayer shawls, prayer cloths, and other items because they know someone who is ill, someone who is hurting, needing healing, or someone that is in the deepest grief that they don't know how to come out of, that they just need "something tangible, to know that God is so near to them..." That is how one woman described it to me last week.

Anointing Ceremony Son and Brother 
I loved it, someone finally understands the purpose for our prayer shawls. Yes, we anoint them for the person, we pray for healing, help, encouragement, and hope for the ones who will receive this cloth from us. In total reality though, we wanted these people to have something, that would be anointed with the Holy Spirit of God, something that would have a touch of Him in all they do, and when they wrap it around them, they feel His presence, they feel that tangible evidence that God is there with them, that someone is praying for them, and that there is a Savior who loves them and wants everything GOOD for them in their lives.

I felt a sense of overwhelming joy when I heard her say that to me, I choked up and couldn't speak for a moment, (big deal for me) and I thought, THANK YOU GOD!!! You are there all the time, you help others find out about us, about our heart for you, for your work. Thank you God that they have a heart to help others, to stand in the gap and to pray for them, to have a heart to want to serve and love these people to the kingdom, through their grief, hurt and pain.

Anointing Ceremony for Pastor's Wife
Please pray for these people that have come our way, pray for our ministry, that we can get these items made and to them in a timely fashion, but according to God's purpose. As you know, I cannot give you the person's name, but I can tell you what to pray for, and please call out to the Lord on their behalf. God knows who they are, and we pray that God would touch them in a special, mighty way today.

Prayer List for Prayer Shawls, Blankets and Cloths

  • Female - Just lost 30 yr old daughter to breast cancer, after both have been in remission for a while, Mother's grief so much to fathom. Please pray for her heart and mind. 
  • Female baby - Lost mother to breast cancer, may have gene for it, needs God's complete covering and protection
  • Male-Lost wife to breast cancer, now raising baby girl on his own, need encouragement, heart lifted, and strength to do this alone, even in the help of family and friends, he will face times alone, Angels to surround him and hold him up in this time of grief and loss. 
  • Female - Breast Cancer Survivor, just lost mother with Cancer herself. Pray for continued health and healing and prayer for overwhelming grief for loss of mother. 
  • Female Baby - Been in and out of Doctors and Hospitals, two months old, no one knows what is wrong or why she is ill. Anointed infant in person already, but thanking God and claiming healing on her little body.
  • Female - Ill, needs healing and encouragement
  • Male - Ill, needs healing and encouragement
  • Male Teen - parents just separated, has had cancer, Docs think it has returned, but needs prayer for healing, encouragement, and just to lift up entire family through this trial. 

God can do anything, we just have to ask. We pray in agreement for these people, pray for not only Doctors to take care of them, to know what is wrong, but PRAY FOR HEALING, RECOVERY, and PEACE. Praying through faith in agreement can move mountains and can answer all these prayer requests for these wonderful people. Some need the Lord and others just need to reconnect to their God. Please remember them on your prayer lists. thank you.