Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Prayer For Others, That's What We're About

We have had the honor and privilege of getting to meet, pray for, and learn about so many new people along the way since this aspect of our ministry began in 2008. Our Prayer Shawl Ministry has had the opportunity to reach out to people all over the country, now growing into the world, as our ministry is receiving calls from the "uttermost parts of the earth."

LSM Singers at Benefit Concert
 We had a chance this weekend to sing at a fund raising event for an 11 yr old little girl who has been sick and facing many health issues, most of her life, her family has really struggled with her medical troubles, not having adequate insurance, losing time at work because of having to care for her in and out of the hospital, and the young lady has more treatments coming up that the insurance has now refused to cover, so it was our pleasure to help with this event and to help this family see just how powerful prayer, prayed with two or more, in agreement can do for a family.

Presenting Prayer Shawl
We made a prayer shawl for this precious one, and just before the concert began, we called all the singers back into the fellowship all of this beautiful church, we explained our ministry and about the prayer shawl itself. We all grabbed on to this shawl, I anointed it with oil, and we began to pray. We prayed for the family, for the young girl, we prayed for our concert, for each group there, and for the power of healing and anointing by the Holy Spirit would come down upon this shawl and just envelop the young girl in God's love and care. It was an amazing moment of prayer, an amazing night of music, celebration of our great God, and fellowship with fellow singing groups and ministries who were sharing the love of God with all who could hear the message.

I thank God that we had this opportunity to share our ministry, to share God in a tangible way with this young lady facing a mountain of physical problems, only to see her Lord and Savior on the other side, reaching out to hold her and love her through it. Thank you God for all you do! Bless her, bless these wonderful ministries and groups that came out in support of this family, and thank you for the Holy Spirits blessing on the night, on the prayer shawl, and on this little girl. Amen.
Singing "Little Is Much" 

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